Monday, January 23, 2017

4th Annual Chili Feed

Each year, the Campus Religious Center hosts a Chili Feed Fundraiser. 50% of all proceeds benefit a Campus Religious Center project with the remaining 50% being split between Lutheran and Catholic Campus Ministries to support student involvement programs such as SEEK2019 and Lutheran Student Movement (each a faith-based conference held over winter break), mission trips and service opportunities. The 4th Annual Chili Feed Fundraiser has been scheduled for Thursday, February 23, 2017, from 5pm-7pm.

By now, you might be asking, "How can I help?" There are several ways. First, this is a Chili Cook-off. We need volunteers to submit entries. There is no cost to enter, and you may bring home the bragging rights to best chili, or best chili side! Second, you can share this event with your friends. The more people to attend, the more successful the fundraiser will be. Third, you can join us for the evening! Tickets are $8.00 for non-student adults and $5.00 for people with Student ID and youth 12 and under.

If you are interested in entering, but wondering how you will win, this is how the contest works. Each submission is available for everyone who purchases a ticket to sample. Once the sampling is done, each person will place their ticket stub in the jar next to their favorite chili. Each ticket stub is worth $1.00. If you really want to help a chili win, you can "stuff the jar" with spare change or paper money. At the end of the evening, the chili that collects the most dollars will win. Chili sides are treated the same way. The Campus program that recruits the winning entry gets the Traveling Chili Trophy, and bragging rights, until next year.

Last year, Catholic Campus Ministries took home the prize. Will they make it two years in a row? or will Lutheran Campus Ministries snatch the trophy from their hands? Join us on February 23 to find out! If you would like to enter a chili, or purchase a ticket, please contact Janet, in the CRC office, at 507-532-5731 or by Email

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