Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Welcome Worship

 On Tuesday, August 23rd, the Campus Religious Center hosted their annual ecumenical Welcome Worship.  Seven students were in attendance, along with members of the community.  Pastor Chuck Swanson, of St. Olaf and English Lutheran, in Walnut Grove, delivered the welcome.  Pastor Mike Mannisto, of First Lutheran, in Marshall, gave the sermon challenging us to all be more participating in Christian unity.  Father Shawn Polman, of Holy Redeemer, Marshall, gave the blessing to the students.  Father Paul Schumacher, of Cottonwood, shared some stories of the Christian unity that brought the building into existence.  It was a well-thought out and personal experience for all in attendance.

Shanda Walker and Becki Johnson, who serve in Lutheran Campus Ministry and Catholic Campus Ministry respectively were also participants in the service.  Our special thanks to Quentin Brunsvold and Amy Bauer for serving as music ministers.  

Our student attendees were able to enjoy snacks and fellowship after the service.  It was so good to hear the sounds of talking and laughing in the building after it has been so quiet for the summer!  With such a wonderful kickoff, we have many good things to look forward to this year!

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